Asian Elephant

The 3 Core Traits that Shape Elephant Personalities

A group of Asian elephants were evaluated for consistent differences in their behavior, with rankings given for a variety of traits and tendencies. The findings showed that elephant personalities were expressed through 3 […]

Animals Famous for their Intelligence

5 Animals Famous for their Intelligence

Over the past half-century, the field of animal cognition research has grown tremendously. This ever-increasing interest in both the scientific and public spheres has allowed a spotlight to fall on animals who […]

Great Apes Know When You're Wrong

Great Apes Know When You’re Wrong

Humankind’s closest relatives are proving that not only can they recognize when a human believes something that’s false, but that they will often help correct that false belief. A recent study done by re[…]

animals smarter than humans

Animals That Can Outsmart Humans

Comparing animal cognition to our own is tricky business. Animals have differently tuned senses and use them in sometimes radically different ways than we do. In some cases, there simply is no commeasurability. Yet […]

chicken intelligence - surprisingly smart animals

Secret Geniuses: 5 Surprisingly Smart Animals

While they may not be known as the smartest animals in the world, these 5 animals are unexpectedly brainy. This list of surprisingly smart animals examines the intelligence of five underestimated species. […]

can dogs tell time?

Can Dogs Tell Time?

Many dog owners say that it seems like their dogs “just know” when family members usually come home, or even when other routine events are about to take place (such as going out for a walk). Yet, if dogs can’t read clocks or count hours, how is this possible? […]

Bonobo Female Coalition Brutality

Bonobos Make Love AND War

There is a common misconception that bonobos never fight; if tensions are running high, they have sex or rub their genitals together and everything’s just peachy. But bonobos do fight and they do form coalitions to support one another in aggressive interactions. […]

altruism in chimpanzees

Altruism in Chimpanzees

In 2005, Drs. Felix Warnecken and Michael Tomasello conducted a study on altruism in human infants and chimpanzees.1 Altruism is taking action to help someone else, even when that action won’t be reciprocated or otherwise benefit oneself. To put it simply, altruistic actions are motivated purely by the desire to […]

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