Do Fish Feel Pain?

In the 17th century, philosopher René Descartes posited that animals are not conscious, and therefore, are unable to feel pain or suffering.1 While we’ve come much further in our understanding since then, many scientists concluding that a large number of animals are indeed conscious and do have a capacity for suffering […]

David A. Steen

Herptile Expert David Steen

Dr. David Steen is a wildlife ecologist at Auburn University whose specialty lies in studying reptiles and amphibians, a group collectively known as herptiles. One of Dr. Steen’s recent claims to fame is successfully giving CPR to a drowned turtle! His research focuses on how herptiles interact with their environments, and how […]

Gibbonese Features Many Words

Is language only used by humans? Most linguists would say “yes”, especially given the complexity of human language. However, research is uncovering that many animals have far more sophisticated communication protocols than thus far assumed. Now, a newly published study shows that gibbons too have their own […]

Tortoises Can Master Mazes

Tortoises may be slow in a race, but not when it comes to thinking. “Generally people see reptiles as inert, stupid and unresponsive, I would like people to see that there is something much more complex going on.”1 says Dr. Anna Wilkinson, the University of Lincoln’s senior lecturer of animal cognition, and lead researcher of several [..]

cambridge declaration on consciousness

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

On the 7th of July, 2012, a group of scientists released the “Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness”. The statement puts forth the case that many animals are conscious, even if in different degrees and qualities than humans. There is enough evidence to render untenable Descartes’ conception of animals as automatons without any inner life. […]

Asian Elephants Recognize Their Reflections

Think Elephants International1 recently launched “Oh, Behave!”, a video series that features research on the behavior and cognition of elephants, as well as other members of the animal kingdom. Check out one of these videos below to learn about how Asian elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors. Also, be on the […]

parasite mind control

Zombie Cognition: Parasites and Mind Control

When observing animal behavior, we tend to assume that the animals are acting of their own accord. But what if there was another creature in charge of their actions? Though this sounds too sinister to be commonplace, it is exactly that. Parasitic infection is prevalent in most species, even humans. Over 60 million American […]

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