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  • Animals Famous for their Intelligence
    5 Animals Famous for their Intelligence
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    Over the past half-century, the field of animal cognition research has grown tremendously. This ever-increasing interest in both the scientific and public spheres has allowed a spotlight to fall on animals who demonstrate impressive levels of intelligence […]

  • Primate Eyes
    Do animals have “Ah ha!” moments?
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    Do you know the feeling when you’ve been struggling with something for ages and suddenly the solution dawns on you? Eureka! What you’ve just done constitutes insight, the ability to use a mental representation of a problem and draw on past experience and knowledge to solve it. Are humans the only species that can do this? […]

  • Lizards are Flexible Problem-Solvers
    Posted in: Reptiles

    Research has revealed that lizards are surprisingly adept at solving novel problems, and in some tests, perform better than other animal species that are thought to be more cognitively advanced. The study was done at Duke University by biologists Manuel S. Leal and Brian J. Powell. After seeing an experiment […]

  • Crows Crack 8-Level Conundrums
    Posted in: Birds

    Crows have become rather famous for their cleverness. They have been observed using and making a variety of tools,1 and also seem to be able to understand the basic concept of cause and effect.2 Dr. Alex Taylor specializes in corvid cognition, and is researching the problem solving abilities of New Caledonian crows. In one of […]

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Elephant looking in mirror
List of Animals That Have Passed the Mirror Test
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The mirror test was developed by psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr.1 in 1970 as a method for determining whether a non-human animal has the ability of self-recognition. It’s also known as the “mark test” or “mirror self-recognition test” (MSR). When conducting the mirror test, scientists place a visual marking on an animal’s body, usually with scentless paints, […]

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altruism in chimpanzees
Altruism in Chimpanzees
Posted in: Main, Mammals

In 2005, Drs. Felix Warnecken and Michael Tomasello conducted a study on altruism in human infants and chimpanzees.1 Altruism is taking action to help someone else, even when that action won’t be reciprocated or otherwise benefit oneself. To put it simply, altruistic actions are motivated purely by the desire to […]

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