Great Apes Know When You're Wrong

Great Apes Know When You’re Wrong

Humankind’s closest relatives are proving that not only can they recognize when a human believes something that’s false, but that they will often help correct that false belief. A recent study done by re[…]

can dogs tell time?

Can Dogs Tell Time?

Many dog owners say that it seems like their dogs “just know” when family members usually come home, or even when other routine events are about to take place (such as going out for a walk). Yet, if dogs can’t read clocks or count hours, how is this possible? […]

Bonobo Female Coalition Brutality

Bonobos Make Love AND War

There is a common misconception that bonobos never fight; if tensions are running high, they have sex or rub their genitals together and everything’s just peachy. But bonobos do fight and they do form coalitions to support one another in aggressive interactions. […]

altruism in chimpanzees

Altruism in Chimpanzees

In 2005, Drs. Felix Warnecken and Michael Tomasello conducted a study on altruism in human infants and chimpanzees.1 Altruism is taking action to help someone else, even when that action won’t be reciprocated or otherwise benefit oneself. To put it simply, altruistic actions are motivated purely by the desire to […]

primate personalities

Primate Personalities

People who keep animals as pets will often talk about their pet’s personality – identifiable traits that appear to be displayed in a consistent manner across contexts and time. Although it was once considered anthropomorphic to talk about nonhuman animals as having a ‘personality’, today, studies dispute this view, with many researchers […]

Spear-Hunting Chimps

Spear-Hunting Chimps

Fashioning spears and wielding them to hunt – these sound like typical activities of our human ancestors. But the surprising fact is that not only are tool-use and tool-building carried out by other animal species, they’re done in the context of hunting as well. Chimpanzees in the Fongoli savanna of Senegal have been observed

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